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An Oasis in the Desert

Perfectly ecologically oriented leather goods factory: Dudra East aims to create permanent jobs for the poor region, to mantain humane conditions and produce the best quality leather goods without pollution.
For optimal lighting without electricity, the whole factory system is designed as a glass construction.
While in Dudra the high temperature of +50 degrees prevails, the fully airy workplace offers a pleasant temperature of approx. 30 degrees, without any air conditioning and electricity wastage: The factory's roof is insulated with layers of about 50 cm reeds, thermopiles and loam.
When everything freezes in December-January, the factory offers a wonderful temperature of about 20 degrees, because the Sun shines in Dudra East almost daily and each and every sunbeam passes through the glass construction.
High-quality fruit trees and beautifully crafted fine vegetable beds in the factory provide the employees with the necessary vitamins and minerals for whole year.

Sustainability Means for Us:

Committed Leadership Through Practiced Example and Delegation of Responsibility
Our management is characterized by respect for all employees and their individuality. Straightforwardness, honesty predictability and loyalty are the basic principles for our decentralized leadership with deliberation of tasks and responsibility.
Every success always depends on optimally motivated employees. Their positive attitude leads to the best possible performance and excellent results.
Our employees are our greatest assets. They are always our focus. Only with them we could achieve our ultimate goal — Customer Satisfaction.
We make every effort to ensure the satisfaction of our employees. As in a large family, we are always approachable to them and stand for them in every respect — We participate in their celebration and grief.

Permanent Experience Exchange with the Best German Leather Workshops

Fair working conditions, above-average pay, 13 Salary and care in case of illness is self-reliant for us.
Both training and further education, as well as the provision of state-of-the-art equipment and information about company objectives, are essential for us.
Dudra East is the partner of the best German leather workshops, with a constant experience exchange.
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