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Silky Smooth and Feathery Leather Bags

Manufactory with Love and Care
The most fascinating aspect of Dudra East bags is beautiful, supple and natural grain leather which has neither finishing colours nor artificial graining, so pure natural leather.
All solid brass metal fittings are made in Germany. Only quality zippers from Germany (Opti) and Japan (YKK) are used.
A special mixed fibre yarn (cotton-synthetic of Amann) made in Germany, is used for all types of stitching, which is absolute durable. The borders and edges are bound with leather and reinforced by additional leather pieces. The stress points are strengthened through repeatedly sewing and solid rivets.
Unnecessary lining is always avoided. Instead, the back side of leather is brushed off with a special tool, so it is silky smooth and lint. If necessary, such as women's bags, only natural material lining like mercerised cotton or viscose is applied.
Dudra East Bags are master pieces, which are lovingly crafted by ultimately trained and experienced artisans: Although the most modern machines, for example, Punching, splitting and grinding machines made in Germany are available, but there is no change in Handicraft of Dudra East. The individual steps in the manufacturing process are carried out manually by experienced bag maker masters as before 100 years. Awl and bone folder are always the most important tools of Dudra East Craftsmen. Their art and experience cannot be replaced with any Machine till today.
The ability to combine the highest quality material with love to detail and sophisticated functionality is the result of experience of several generations.
Note: Dudra East is a partner of the best Bag maker workshops in Germany. Its craftsmen are trained for many years by the best German Bag maker masters.
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