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Dudra East Bags: Fine Velvety and Easiest to Maintain

Leather is grown nature; it lives, it breathes, it is warm and changes its appearance, thus it is "naturally" nice and beautiful.
Here are some additional simple care tips, which not only enhance and prolong the life of your bag, but make it fine and attractive:
  • Wipe off dust and fluffs with a soft damped cloth regularly.
  • Stains can be removed very easily with a soft rubber or leather soap.
  • If leather gets wet, let it dry just in natural air. Please avoid artificial heat, because it damages the leather.
  • Our leather remains nice and durable, when it is regularly treated with colourless leather cream, preferably with Dudra-East-Beeswax leather care. It protects against moisture and the natural fats of the leather retain, so it does not crack.
  • After a short use our leather gains its unique patina, which makes it even more attractive.
Warning: Aniline dyed leather may fade slightly.